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Information for our english speaking guests


Dear guests,


welcome to Tara Tantra! Thank you for your interest in Tantra and our work. A tantric massage can be a profound, joyful and transforming experience... 


... so please keep reading to be sure, if we are really offering what you are looking for (for massages in Munich, please scroll down). Although we are touching the whole body including the Lingam/the Yoni, please respect:

- Like in every traditional classical tantric massage, you are completely passive. We are enjoying to give the massage, you are enjoying to receive.

- Being naked and body-to-body-massage might be involved, if we feel it appropriate during the massage, but we do not promise this service in advance. This is a special gift, if it is according to our deepest truth in this very moment.


- The  tantric lingam massage might end with an outside orgasm (with ejaculation) or it might not. The nature of this massage is aimless and free of intention. It is all about feeling, relaxing into the moment, embracing the eternal Now.


- You need to have an appointment. Click here for our team of tantra massage.

- We offer tantric massage, teachings in tantra and tantric bodywork, which is much more then a wellness massage for relaxation. We also enjoy working with energy-keeping techniques (which could mean no ejaculation in the end). If you are interested, please contact us at least one day in advance.


- Female guests are also very welcome. Yoni massages can be very deep and touching experiences. Please feel encouraged to contact us, if you have further questions.


- And couples are invited to contact us, too. Come and celebrate your relationship, if you are having a good time together at the moment. Or experience the benefits of Tantra to get support in not so good times. We also offer life counseling regarding the topics love, relationship and sexuality. And you can learn how to give the Tantra Massage to each other.


For further information use the translate Toolbar "GTranslate" on the left side of this page, to read the complete website in your language. Please feel free to call Marcella by phone +49(0)163-1334459, or write an email at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie sie sehen können.


We are looking forward to meet you. 



How to find us in Berlin:

We moved! We are now located in the center of Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz, in Berlin-Mitte.

This is our new adress: 

"Spirit of Tara"

Wallstrasse 74

10179 Berlin-Mitte


By Public Transport in Berlin:

"Spirit of Tara" is located directly at the station U2 "Märkisches Museum", two stations from Alexanderplatz. It doesn´t matter what exit you take, our place is in the middles of both exits. 



If you have further questions you can call Marcella Maria by phone  +49 (0)163-1334459, or write a Mail at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie sie sehen können.



If Marcella is unavailable/unreachable, please contact other members of the team: Our Team

Thanks a lot :)





Marcella Maria is living now in Berlin! 

She is only sometimes working in Munich. Her times you can find here.


For tantric massages in Munich you can visit this site of our friends: jembatan

They are in east of Munich and very easy to reach by SBahn (8Minutes from Ost-Bahnhof).

Or call directly : +49 (0) 89 74 56 93 03 Elvira  +49(0)152 024 024 48 and Gerhard +49(0) 179 502 67 72

...and please say greetings from TaraTantra :)



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